Best running shoe released this year – Air Max Nike Women 2017

Price: $190.00 (USD)

Let’s talk about running. I have recently started to train for a 5K and have quickly realized that I need new running shoes. I did some research and across the board, the Nike Air Max 2017 is the shoe everyone can’t seem to stop talking about. Why? It covers all you need for running, it is lightweight with a supportive base. In addition, it has ankle support so you can take them to the gym and use them as a cross trainer.

The Air Max Nike Women 2017 as an upgrade from the 2016 version and is more stylish that you can cross them over and wear them as street causal.

Why the Air Max Nike Women 2017?

The Air Max technology has been around for about forty years and is proven to be the best way to absorb the shock of your feet hitting the pavement.

The full-length air pocket absorbs a lot of the pressure that creates damage to your knees and ankles over time. My current sneakers have gel layer in the base which has never quite been the same as air.

The design features Nike’s FlyMesh which is a material designed to help with aeration so that you don’t sweat and slip or create blisters during your run.

Is the Air Max worth the money?

They are expensive but remember, money is best when it’s between you and the ground. My Grandma used today ‘Spend money on your mattress, your shoes and your tires, that’s what will save you.“.

The advantage about these shoes is that they can also be styled as ‘street casual’ along with being used at the gym. Plus who doesn’t love just a sleek black sneaker?

‘FlyMesh’ allows for lightweight support which lets your feet breath during your workout.

If you like colors, they are currently offering five shades.

Black/Anthracite/White – link

Black/White – link 

Polar/Ghost Green/White – link 

Dust/Aluminium/White/White – link

Rio Teal/Menta/White/White – link


Upper: Flymesh

Midsole: Cushion foam and a full-length Max Air Unit 

Things I like: 

  • Reflector: there are reflective elements on the shoe which allows bikes or cars to pick you up easily in low light. This is perfect if you are a morning or evening runner.

Additional features: 

  • There is a bootie that wraps around your ankle for extra support and helps with the slipping on the sole. (It fits like a sock)
  • Cushion foam midsole helps with shock absorption
  • Max Air full length
  • Eco-friendly(ish) outsole BRS 1000 carbon rubber designed for traction
  • Offset: 13mm

Where to get them? 

Nike Store is clearly always the place to go. They retail for $190.00

Finish Line are currently having a sale on the 2017 version for $152.00