Harvard Scientists have broken new ground with a new smart drug which is quoted to increase memory, a persons IQ and focus up to 100%.

In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, Hawking commented that he is feeling more focused than ever from using supplements to encourage further brain function.

“The brain is like a muscle, you got to work it out and use supplements just like body builders, but for your brain, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing to enhance my mental capabilities“. 

Harvard have been interested in cognitive supplements for years however, the interest in brain function enhancers has increased recently as scientists draw closer to concrete results.

Dr. Rosenhouse is leading the research team and commented, “It is engineering with all the ingredient containing vitamins and essentials that your brain needs to ensure improvement in all aspects of cognitive growth”. 

“We are all very grateful to have this now, as I believe it can help everyone on the planet and take us to the next stage of evolution. We are very proud.” 

The major question is, is it safe? We will soon find out with Harvard selling the right to a manufacturer allowing them to make a three month supply. It is proving to be a difficult product to get your hands on due to demand.

I think the brain is a very specific tool and we are really just scratching the surface of the intricacies of this incredible engine room of the human body. I am very interested in the idea of being able to increase the amount of functionality my brain can offer, I would rather wait for the first set of guinea pigs to go through before I put my brain on the line.