Heading to Coachella… want to know the coolest thing to eat? Coachella has a secret menu scattered around the grounds that you have to know about and ask about to get.  Coachella secret food! Love it!

S O M E T H I N G    S W E E T 

Golden Doughnut 

At the top of the Coachella secret food list is the ultimate glutenous treat this year is the golden doughnut. This $35.00 doughnut is covered in golden flakes that you can actually eat! Made with a rich dark chocolate cake, filled with strawberry jam and Nutella, glazed and covered in gold. Ask for one at Birdies! 

Waffle pops (not so secret) 

These things will make any picture look amazing (hello Instagram moment)! Head to Sweet Comforts for this year’s find. You don’t have to ask for these but we all know they are going to be bell of the ball this year.

C H E E S E 

RacetteCoachella secret food

Raclette – that amazing melted cheese that is scraped onto anything yummy. Head to Paper Planes and ask to ‘add cheese to that’. You will get an amazing blob of cheese to your plate! They have cheese covered tots. Check them out in the rose garden.

V I P   D I N E – I N 

The stars in this year’s VIP area are San Diego’s Little Sister and Playa Provisions. You can make reservations for these at OpenTable.com

You must have a VIP ticket to eat in the pop-ups.

G A – S U P E R    S T A R S 

If you just need food and want something yummy to keep you going check out these stand-outs. 

2nd City – Filipino tacos

Birdies – Fried chicken burgers

Fat Dragon – delicious Chinese classics

There are over 100 food stores in the GA area with amazing ranges from Poke, vegan and vegetarian options.

Credits: Photo – Alexander-Maasch