London, New York, we all wait to see what our favourite designers are going to do this year for fall and there are a few things we love.

Fall looks you can actually wear

I love fashion week but half of the trends we see are just not practical (as much as I would love to wear sequin boots to work).

This year a few of the stands outs were head to toe crimson and magentas. Kate Spade has an awesome collection of crimsons this year.

Rose pinks are also in, particularly with bags and jewellery. I am loving this jacket from Asos!

Keep hold of those rose gold accessories that you bought over Summer beacause they will come in handing pairing with all of these warm tones.

For those looking for something a little more wild, futuristic metallics have hit the scene. This year futuristic metallic are in. London streets are flowing with pleated metallic skirts and shoes.

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