Have you seen the new LOGAN trailer? What do you think?

Want to know more?

LOGAN is the next instalment in the Wolverine franchise and is based on the Old Man Logan’ eight-part story written by Mar Millar and Steven NcNiven for Marvel Comics.

So, what’s it about? 

The story outlined in the comic is an ‘over the hill’ Logan who takes on a final adventure in a post-apocalyptic world.

The film is based on the superhero character from Marvel Comics featuring the Aussie legend, Hugh Jackman who is back for the third major Wolverine instalment after X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine.

We know we are in for a treat because the film has been directed by James Mangold who has directed the last few Wolverine films. He is also the brains behind the adaptation of Girl Interrupted for those who are interested.

Mangold speaks out about the film, noting that it takes place in 2024 in a dark post-apocalyptic world. Logan is far from the monster he once was, he’s old, drinks a lot and drives something that looks like a 2024 Chrysler 200 limo!

Currently we believe that this is the last instalment for Jackman (but you never know)!

So who’s the girl? The young girl featured in the trailer is, Laura Kinney, played by Dafne Keen the English-Spanish actress, who was known for her role as Ana in the BBC TV series, The Refugee. She is featured in the trailer is a young Wolverine (or so it seems). The character Laura Kinney, also known as X-23 was first introduced to the  comic story in 2004 in NYX. 

Professor X (Patrick Stewart) returns for this instalment is getting older too!

Location, location 

This bleak, dusty world show in the trailer was created on location with principal photography shooing in Louisiana and New Mexico.

So what do you think? 

It seems like Logan has his claws full with Laura! Craig Kyle noted in an interview about the TV series X-Men: Evolution that Laura she was introduced to draw in a younger crowd.

I love the idea of bringing in some young, fresh, female blood to this story. She seems like a fun and complex character which the Wolverine story can do a lot with. Kyle noted that “I’m real proud of her”.

I have always liked the Wolverine series, perhaps it’s because I am such a fan of Jackman’s work but there is something so primal, so human about this story that grounds the well worn superhero story in a form of reality which I relate to. We are all working through or struggling through something, we can associate with him.

If Jackman is hanging up the claws do you think it’s time for a female to take over? I think so.

Mangold has proven his worth when bringing to life Susanna Kaysen’s account of her year and a half stay at a mental institution in the 60’s in Girl Interrupted with Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie delivering incredible performances. I have a feeling Laura Kinney is off to a good start.

When can you see it? 

The film will be released in the US March 3, 2017 so keep an eye out.