I love to party but I am terrible and nibbling away at snacks all night which is why I don’t buy myself chips or dips much because I eat them all! Normally after a party, I end up really full of junk by the end of the night which does not help with my potential hangover, I need a healthy option to line my belly!

Research links eating with alcohol (you now have the excuse)

A study conducted by the University of Liverpool the Institute of Psychology, Health, and Society examined the effect of alcohol on energy intake and dietary restraint. Unsurprisingly, drinking encourages us to eat fatty and unhealthy foods.

The science notes that drinking increases the amount of galanin which is linked to the part of the brain which dictates how much you should be eating. In simple terms, alcohol increases the amount of galanin means we want to eat more, particularly fatty foods.

The best way around this is to have healthy alternatives so you don’t stuff yourself silly on junk.

Ok, let’s not go crazy here, you still want your chips and dips but a few healthy options are always good.

We hosted the Super Bowl this year and a few great healthy options turned up which I have to share for your next gig.

Healthy Alternatives


Swap the wings for cauliflower – love those hot wings? Chop some

healthy option

Coloured cauliflower

cauliflower, toss them in your favorite wing sauce and bake. They make a delicious finger food and it is super simple to prepare.


Speaking of cauliflower, you could always keep it raw and color it to your favorite team or the party theme.


Swap heavy creamy dip out for a bean base dip. Arrange layers of beans, light cheese a light salsa and guac for a healthy dipping option.


Healthy option


I would have never thought this would work at a party but it did. A bowl of berries went off!  Throw together blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries in a bowl… that’s it. They look stunning on the snack table and are a perfect finger food. (This was surprising popular!)  If you are feeling super nice, toss in some ginseng berries. A recent study at Chung-Ang University, Korea has found that they have a positive impact on helping hangovers.

veggie platter

Raw veggie platters are fairly normal, they are generally available from


your grocery store for around $10.00. Alternatively, grab a bag of baby carrots, chop up some celery, peppers and add some baby tomatoes. Instead of the usual ranch dip, try swapping it out with a humus or a roasted garlic hummus, it is delicious.


This year we decided to swap out the hot dogs and steaks for a big vat of chilli and it was perfect! It goes down well with a nice cold beer and was a hit.

Don’t deprive yourself at your next party, just have a few alternatives to the normal chips and dip. Your potential hangover will thank you for it that awful Monday morning.

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