London’s West End is the best place in the world to take in a musical or a play. If you are living in London here are ten ways of getting cheap theatre tickets in London here but if you are a tourist the best option by far is TKTS.

If you are a tourist, tickets can be pricey and sometimes booking in advance can cause issues if you have a change in your travel plans.


TKTS is a stand alone booth in Leister Square that offer cheap theatre tickets to shows that day and potentially up to a week in advance (although it is generally around two to three days). The booth is run by the Society of London Theatre and just happens to be the only building run by people within the industry (for the past thirty years)! The staff are helpful and knowledgable so if you don’t know much about theatre but do know the kind of thing you like they can help you out.

The best part is that all profits support the West End theatre industry.

What’s on

You can find a full list of what is available at their website but you must visit the building to purchase your ticket.

Alternatively, take the luck of the draw and turn up to see what is playing that day. There is a screen displaying all that is available that day.

Most of the time you can find exceptional savings theatre ticket savings and decent seats from around £20.00 upwards. Do expect less avaiability and slightly higher prices during weekends.

I had a great view to Wicked for £32.00 duirng the week and it was brilliant!

Tkts is by far the best option fo cheap tickets that I found while living in London. The catch, you have to physically go to Leicester Square but if you are touring around this is around a 5 to 10 minute walk from Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery so it’s hardly out of the way.

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Credits: Feature Photo Lloyd Dirks