Are you thinking about a Melbourne weekend trip? Wanting to get a bit of a taste for what the locals like to do while mixing in a few tourist stops. You have come to the right place my friends…

Melbourne is definitely the food and beverage capital of Australia. The city was once one of the richest cities in the world during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s due to the influx of gold coming from the Australian Gold Rush in the 1800’s.  From then on, Melbourne has always attracted a wealthy international crowd. The European influence is prevalent still to this day.

Melbourne is also known for its multiculturalism with a huge influx of European immigrants coming to Australia from all over the world in the 1960’s and 70′ and because of this it has an amazing food and drink scene. I have lived in L.A., Sydney, Beijing, London and Melbourne and it is still my favorite place for experimental eating and drinking.

Getting there

Most people choose to fly into Melbourne but if you drive in make sure that you have a parking space allocated at your hotel.

Where to stay

If you are intending on staying in the heart of Melbourne (downtown) there are plenty of options. Check out Trivago, Airb’n’b and Expedia. also have some good deals, make sure you search on the site.

Coming from the airport

You can get an Uber from the airport or catch the SkyBus from Melbourne (MEL) Airport to Southern Cross train station in the Central Business District.

The Sky Bus will cost $19.00 for a one way trip or $36.00 for a round trip.

If you are planning to do a lot of traveling out of the city to suburbs such as St Kilda and Fitzroy consider buying a Myki transport ticket (a prepaid travel card used on all public transportation)  available at Southern Cross station or from most newsagents / quick markets around the city you can see the outlets page here.

What to docoffee

When you have settled and drop your bags in at your hotel start walking. The best part about Melbourne city isthat you can walk around it.

Do try to book your tours early. If you intend to add a few days onto your trip and head to the Great Ocean Road or have any other things that you need to book in advance for such as theatre tickets head to the tourist section around Hardware Lane. You will be able to find almost every and any activity there.



By this stage, you will probably need a cup of coffee. Check out our top five listed here

Ok, so you have arrived and are armed with your coffee…

Let’s talk about why we all love Melbourne so much. It has an amazing culture of passionate people who all love a good meal and good coffee / cocktails and there really is no shortage to what’s good, it is more about what you like.

Breakfast / brunch 

For breakfast and brunch, even lunch you really can’t go past Degraves Street. It has a range of breakfasts and cafes scattered throughout in a grungy ‘arty’ alleyway.


Lunch/ Dinner 

Broadsheet is your bible when it comes to the locals inside ‘goss’ for what’s good in Melbourne at the time and the best part is, it changed constantly. Anything featured on Broadsheet and Time Out are generally top notch (because ‘Melbourneites’ are such food/wine and cocktail snobs.)

If you want to do as the locals do, try a home-made dumpling. Dumplings are the unofficial food of Melbourne (along with traditional Italian). This Asian influence has trickled in over generations. There was a Chinatown established in Melbourne during the gold rush and since then it has been one of the favorite cuisines on the market.

Hutong Dumpling Bar is a favorite followed by Shanghai Street. Chinatown always has a range of great and affordable options.


Bars and clubscocktail

The bar scene in Melbroune is really the shining light for us in our 20’s and 30’s. There is an amazing range of mixologists who are all in competition.

Some of my favourites are:

Berlin Bar

Section 8  (bar out of a shipping container)

The Emerald Peacock (for the ladies)

Ponyfish Island – Southbank Pedestrian Bridge

Don’t miss

Please don’t miss the amazing graffiti art scene in Melbourne. The top six laneways are Hosier Lane, Yarra Street, Duckboard Place, Union Lane and ACDC Lane. 


If you are coming in for some of the big events that happen in Melborune be sure to check out tickiteck for tickets early as things sell out fast!

AFL – if it is AFL season you will want to try to get tickets to a game. Check out tickiteck.

Australian Open – one of the world’s biggest tennis matches happens in Melbourne every year. Keep an eye out for tickets early as they go fast.


Photo: Annie Sprat