Laughing Man Coffee and Café

If you are looking for the coolest coffee in NYC, look no further than Hugh Jackman. What? That’s right Hugh Jackman.

The Aussie actor started Laughing Man in 2011 after he and his wife, Deborah, went to Ethiopia. During their travels, they were inspired by a local farmer, Dukale and ended up partnering with him to create Laughing Man Coffee.

Laughing Man Cafe is found in the depths of Tribeca and features the ‘flat white’, an Aussie / Kiwi addition to the coffee family. Flat whites are becoming a competitive business in NYC but there is nothing better knowing that your amazing coffee is helping a good cause.

The Cafe is found in Manhattan at 184 Street, NYC. They are known for their talented baristas who deliver your cup of jo the way you like it, fast and with a smile. Their menu features a range of ‘hipster’ teas and fun concepts like the ‘honey lavender latte’.

There is a cute outdoor setting with artificial grass and they play fun music so you can sit back and chill while sipping on your flat white (and massive doughnut).

Laughing Man Foundation

Laughing Man is part of Laughing Man Foundation created by David Steingard (an ex-criminal prosecutor) and Jackman.

So, when you dive into a delicious flat white NYC a, you can feel a little better about the world with ever sip.

If you are interested in the idea for an event, they do catering and a pop-up espresso bar which is pretty damn cool check it out on their website here.

If you are a jet setter take a look at the Top Flat Whites in L.A. (from an Aussie’s review).