In the heart of Barcelona sits the beautiful Sagristia De La Cathedral. Sometimes it is overlooked  by the dominating yet extraordinary Sagrada Familia but if you are a lover of Gothic architecture… or just want to feel like you are a part of city, I recommend it.

Ultimate Gothic Style

Sagrista De La Cathedra is intimate but beautiful church is built in the quintessential Gothic style. The beautiful Sagrista De La Cathedral is walking distance from the famous Los Ramblas centre of town.

Sagrista De La Cathedra was constructed between the 13th and 15th Centuries however, it wasn’t until the 19th Century that the neo-Gothic façade around the outside of the church was built. If you want to see a gargoyle you have come to the right place, they are strategically placed around the building to keep an eye on things.

There is a tranquility to this place within the streets of Barcelona. You feel you are walking the same paths as the locals.

Why we love it

I actually had no real intention of fitting this into my trip to Barcelona as we only had a few days but I am so glad we stopped. Something about this building drew me in, perhaps it was the design, or the texture, the history or just the feeling of the place but it was intimate, special and I felt as if I was starting to understand a little about the people of Barcelona.

It was not too over run by tourists and because of that it was a fantastic stop.

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