The major question when it comes to yoga pants is weighing up the cutest vs the most comfortable and practical – here are our top ten yoga pants!

I love yoga, pilates and barre and we all know there is a bit of a niggling feeling that you need to step up your game when it come to your yoga outfit. There is, however, nothing worse than the cutest pair of yoga pants that are killing your calves, giving your a camel toe or cutting or ripping seams!

We have gone through and picked out our favourites! Here are our top ten yoga pants available now!


Alo is by far one of our favourite brands. They use durable and breathable material with classic line. The two tone pair featured above is perfect for those cooler mornings giving you a little more material to keep your ankles warm. The second alo pair features that super cute netting we all love but in a reserved manner so that you can head to the store or for a coffee after class without feeling like you are in a dance recital outfit.
If you like the two toned look we also love Alo’s inc blot look.


We couldn’t go past these Zappos chilli tights. We love three quarter length for summer. These high waisted beauties are perfect for an afternoon class if you want to spice things up (ha!) the best feature is the vibrant colours and silky feel without the muggy feeling of being in lycra. The Zappos are breathable and durable.


Ok, let’s talk about MUMU. Mumu us yoga outfit with an attitude and we love their two pieces. If you truely want to stand out in class, this is for you. They have a range of the two piece but we love the black and white detail on this option.

Matthew Williamson

For some Matthew Williamson might be a little crazy price wise but we couldn’t not put in these palm fonds beauties. Matthew Williamson fits like a clove around your but area which is perfect for those long deep stretches.
Finally for something more relaxed, go for Beyond. We love the structure of the high waited options like this two toned.

Are they worth it?

One thing we will mention is, while some yoga pants seem expensive, it is worth that little bit extra to get material that breathes. The more durable and the more breathable the longer they will last.