The city of Bordeaux is full of surprises and it is now one of my favorite cities in the world. Part of the cities charm is the ability to feel small while hosting all the necessities of a big city, amazing wine (clearly), beautiful food, top class entertainment and world class shopping. 

After a nice lunch and few glasses of wine, we wandered through the street of Bordeaux and were naturally drawn towards Bordeaux Cathedral. There is something about this building that calls you in. Perhaps it’s the way that the dominating architecture makes you feel incredibly small or the gothic architecture either way, it’s intriguing. 

Of course, we wandered up to the dominating building and pulled open those large wooden doors to reveal the most beautiful, intimate cathedral I had come across in Europe. 

My favorite feature was unlike other large churches there were no pews but simple wooden chairs. 

We were the only ones in this beautiful building. It was quiet, special so I sat down in one of the chairs and watch the light twinkle in through the beautiful stained glass windows.

It was a moment I shared with Bordeaux. One of those moments where after days of travelling you realized where you are and how lucky you are to see the world.