The first time I tried to visit Sky Garden in London, I went online to discover that they were completely booked out… for the next MONTH!

This is one of the most exclusive views in London and like everything good in London, it is hard to get into.

I booked a slot at 9pm on a Friday night during winter for a special occasion at the Sky Pod Bar.  Sky Garden do have a few different options, Fenchurch Restaurant, Fenchurch Terrace, Darwin Brasserie for sit down meals along with two bars, City Garden Bar and Sky Pod Bar serving cocktails, an extensive wine and beer list and finally, just the ability to wander around the gardens.

The cocktails were great and the view was amazing but due to the amount of vegetation planted they need to keep it at a certain temperature. This meant that it was almost as cold inside as it was outside, I would have said about ten degrees Celsius! After two drinks, we hurried out for something a little warmer (and more in our price range)!

We thought this would be a good thing to do on a Summer day when my parents were in town. I went to book in again, this time way in advance but of course, they only release tickets a month in advance and I missed the window of getting the day spots.

We tried to do the walk in session but in true London style the rules didn’t apply that day so we missed out.

Another couple came to visit and this time we were determined to get in… just how?

I went back to study the website to see if there was a loophole or something that I was missing… and it turns out, they did breakfast at the Sky Pod Bar. 

Monday to Friday: 7am – 10am and then again from 6pm onwards 

Saturday: 8am – 11am and then after 9pm and on

Sunday: 9am – 11am and 9pm – 10pm 

Our friends had brought their two-year-old daughter with them so the late-night options were out of the question but I had never thought to consider breakfast.

I was skeptical after our last experiences but I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

We turned up at around 8:30am on Sunday morning to discover no line (which is unheard of)! We walked straight in, were check by security and ushered into the lift. We spent most of the lift ride trying to explain to our guests how crazy this was!

The bar opened out to London in the morning and it was amazing. They serve tea, coffee and light breakfasts such as pastries and small yogurt and muesli combinations. It was just perfect! 

The view was clear and it have us the opportunity to start our friend’s trip off with a bang. 

Sky Garden also offer Yoga Classes in the morning so if you are a yogi do take the time to check it out.

Next time you have guests in town or are looking for something a little special, consider Sky Garden for your morning coffee.