It’s summer and who doesn’t love bright fun nails to bring in the season?


This Summer go for black, metallic whites and metallic silvers and aqua.


If you are an art lover, the ‘cubist’ nail is hot for those who are more daring. These are our favorite colors and pics for the best nail polish.

summer nails

Credit: Biel Morro –

A  trend that has also snuck up since the NY Fashion week is lining cuticles with sparkle nail polish and leaving the nail natural with a clear or nude polish. I love this look, it’s interesting and goes well with fun simple metallic jewelry.


Nail Polish

I have recently stopped getting my nails done professionally with gels because I felt that my nails needed a break, they were being destroyed but I love to have fun and colorful nails so I went looking for a polish alternative. 

A friend told me about essie when I was looking for something that would stay on and not chip in a day or two and now I love it. The polish is not too glossy and not too mat and it stays on for around 4 days to a week. It goes on easily and dries quickly.


I love their ‘ballet slippers (link below) color for everyday use. It stays on all week if not longer and goes with everything.

Essie does have a gel range available. If you have tried it we would love to know what you think. Leave a note in the comments below.