Ok, it’s time to work out your wardrobe for Coachella… here’s what’s hot this year.

So what’s in?


Coachella style

Braids look fantastic with this kind of style (and they are practical for dirty hair).

Go for fishtail braids or a wrap around style. Go with an accessory or without but if you need something fun here are a few options.

Sweet summer dresses

Coachella styleCoachella style

Layers, it’s going to be warm but sheer layers give a normal outfit a depth that will stand out amongst the crowd.

80’s / 90’s style



A phat hat

Coachella style


On a budget

If you are looking for a budget version (let’s face it everything is going to get covered in dust regardless so you are most likely going to toss it out) take a look at:

H&M – they actually have a Coachella section online along with an official Coachella t-shirt.



Don’t have time to go shopping?

Asos always have great options available. Do a late night shop in bed and they will arrive in a few days.

Things that are out

Skater style

Suede vests  – let’s admit it, they were over-done last year and it is time to move on.


Have a fun, safe and amazing Coachella.



Layers: Jake Young


Photo sequence 3 – 80’s – angello-lopez

Hat – joe-gardner-

Coachella style