What happened to me when I drank senna diet tea…

I was at work one day when I went to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. I went looking for something different from my English Breakfast or straight green when I stumbled upon a new tea bag. At first glance, the ingredients sounded delicious, a little herbal black tea with cinnamon and chamomile. So, I happily brewed up the batch and sipped way.

About twenty minutes later, my stomach was churning and I was dashing for the loo. It took me a while to work out that it must have been the tea. I went back to the kitchen and studied it further, only to find that I had accidentally consumed one of the detox / weight loss teas. I was drinking senna diet tea!

The major difference between this and normal detox teas is that this tea and senna teas is that it contains the natural laxative called ‘Senna’ which is featuring in many of these detox and diet teas. They have been considered home remedies for constipation in generations past.

So what is senna?

  • Senna is a natural herb
  • It is an approved nonprescription laxative (yes, laxative) by the FDA
  • Use to treat constipation bowel and IBS
  • Should be taken in small doses as a medication med and not for a long term use

Diet Teas have become a ‘thing’ recently, in fact there are some programs that recommend several cups of this stuff a day. The popularity is probably due to the blatant advertising of very skinny women sipping on tea! On a side note, some of these teas are fine: encouraging liquid and teas as a replacement for sugar or snacks is a great idea. However, the diet tea thing concerned me, particularly after the stomach-churning experience I had because, had I known what I was drinking… I wouldn’t have drunk it!

After my awkward experience, I brought this up with my girlfriends and was told that one of them had the exact same thing happen to her before she went on a date… she drank two cups because it was so delicious. Her date picked her up and on the way to the restaurant, which was only fifteen minutes away, things got so bad that she had to ask him to pull over so that she could visit the bathroom.

The Research

A scientific journal posted in The Annals of Pharmacotherapy studied the over-use of Senna can cause liver failure and rectal problems. The case study took into consideration a fifty-two-year-old woman who had ingested one liter of senna herbal tea over three years causing major health problems.

There have always been and always will be diet fads, but keep an eye out for this one.  If you are going to take on the challenge, do look at the Senna content and decide if it is right for you. It may work for others but for those of us who function in the real world… check your pretty looking tea bags twice!