I have become an avid traveler, everything from moving countries, vacations, road trips, weekend get aways and business trips. Even after all of this I have become a pro at packing and I hate it.  No matter where I go I now take these things with me.

  • Large Ziplock big bags  –  – ziplock bags are so useful to have in you packing when traveling I now through in a few extras when I leave which I always end up using. I like the larger ‘big bag’ variety. They fit everything from wet swimmers after a tropical vacation through to documents you don’t want to get wet or bathroom products you fear might leak on the plane. I have also used them when backpacking to separate my clothes up so that they are easy to grab. They are also a great way to sort your washing from your clean clothes while you are away.
  • Natural face wipes/ sanitary wipes – I don’t consider my packing complete without these babies! It doesn’t matter where I am going but I always seem to end up sitting on something, putting my hand in something and scrounging around for a tissue or serviette. Facewipes come in so handy. You can buy travel sizes honest wipes have a pack of ten which are perfect. If you do get dirty skin you can also get natural face wipes in a travel pack.
  • Spare travel toothbrush and toothpaste – I don’t know how many trips I have gone on where I have left my toothbrush at home and out of my packing but it has come to the point where it is too many. I now pack a travel toothbrush and toothpaste in my makeup bag which is packed early that way I have a backup and doing have to spend my vacation hunting for a market.
  • Adaptor – don’t get stuck with adaptor or charging issues, you are going to need that camera charged! If you want something that has multiple international options that will fit easily into your packing, the Skross World Travel Adaptor 3, it is fantastic. It is compatible with 150 countries worldwide. The Bestek Voltage Converter is also fantastic, one of the features I love about this one is that it comes with three separate plug ins along with four USB plugs which are so great for cameras and charging phones in your hotel room.
  • Rain jacket / windbreak – I have a North Face rain jacket  I now take on every trip no matter where I go. I have had this thing for about four years now and it has never let me down. It is very light weight and is perfect for all of those unexpected moments that you just need an extra layer. It is light to pack and a great back up. Make sure that you get one that is lightweight, waterproof and breathes. Even on business trips, this can save you getting in and out of the airport if it is pouring.

Happy packing!